Chef Stef provides his meal delivery services for members of Hudson Valley Weight Loss. His meals:

* Comply with the guidelines of each phase of HVWL
* Ready to heat and serve
* Packed in your choice of microwave or oven containers for your preference to reheat
* Delivered to your home or office with no additional fee (minimum order amount required)

Meals are available for delivery 6 days per week on the following schedule:
*Sunday - No Delivery
Monday - 12pm to 6pm
Tuesday - 12pm to 6pm
Wednesday - 12pm to 6pm
Thursday - 12pm to 3pm
Friday - 10am to 2pm

Orders must be placed two days in advance of requested delivery day by 4pm.
(example: For delivery Wednesday an order must be placed by 4pm Monday).

Specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed due to factors such as location, road conditions and weather.
Orders are left in an appropriate location if you are not home. If there is not a proper place to leave orders please have food delivered to someone that may be home or make arrangements with a neighbor.

​Use the links below to order from the appropriate ordering menu.
Contact the Chef
HVWL Phase One
4-5-6 Plan